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Reasons not to corner Gray Fox #1: You will die.


i find myself alone, when each days through

yes i’ll admit, that i’m a fool for you

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out with the girlys today ☀️😌

today is a whole year since we officially got together. a year since we spent the whole weekend at download together and basically realised how much we loved each other. i’m not big on being gay, but i seriously love him more and more the longer i’m with him. i’m so comfortable around him that i can spend all my free time with him and never consider it a wasted moment. we’ve travelled to numerous places together, i’ve showed him places he’s never been and he’s made them places that i’ve been to so many times a super nice memory. we have had many sharp corners as every relationship does, but the deeper we get the easier we sort things out. this boy sits down with me, lets me cry on his shoulder, wipes away my tears and says a few words to make me feel beautiful and loved.
i have never been in love before, but he is my best friend. and he has bought me diamonds. and i have trained him to be a great brew maker.
and every day i see this look in his eyes that has never made me feel so happy.

i have been with this boy for one whole year today :)